Abstract Submission


Abstract Submission Guidelines:

The abstract must be typed, single-spaced, on 8.5" X 11" paper and submitted using minimal text formatting. 

The following information must be included on all submitted abstracts:

  1. Title of presentation.
  2. Presenter's name(s), presenter's credential(s) and organization name(s). Please also include an address, telephone number and email address for each presenter. Please indicate the primary presenter by underlining their name. All communication will go to the primary presenter, so please ensure they have a working email address.
  3. Short biographies of each presenter (NO MORE than 100 words per presenter please).
  4. Type of Presentation (e.g., lecture, information sharing, interactive, workshop, panel, etc.).
  5. Length of Presentation: all sessions must be 30, 60 or 120 minutes including time for questions (if 30 minutes, your 60 minute block will be shared with another presenter; if 120 minutes, your session will be divided into two blocks).
  6. Indicate if you wish to be considered to present in multiple time slots throughout the conference.
  7. Select your Target Audience(s): academics and professionals, government and policy-makers, community services and front-line workers, or caregivers and individuals with FASD.
  8. Presentation theme. From the following list, please select the theme that best fits your presentation:
    • Assessment & Diagnosis
    • Awareness & Prevention
    • Community Capacity & Collaboration
    • Education & Training
    • Innovative Practices
    • Research & Evaluation
    • Supports for Individuals & Caregivers
    • Lived Experience
  9. Level of knowledge required about FASD to best benefit from the presentation (introductory, intermediate, or advanced).
  10. A short (NO MORE than 150 words) overview of the material covered.
  11. List of any other recent conferences where this presentation has been made, if applicable. If the presentation is new, or includes updated material that has not yet been presented, please indicate this.
  12. Equipment requirements (i.e. microphones, LCD projector, flipcharts, etc). If equipment requirements are not included in this abstract, supply of them at the conference cannot be guaranteed.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: April 5, 2017

Please send your abstract to Daymond Khan

Travel expenses to Calgary and return, hotel rooms for three nights and conference registration will be covered for a maximum of one individual per selected session. All additional presenters must cover their own costs. For more information, please contact Daymond Khan at 780-643-9283.

Download PDF of these instructions.

Modified: 2017-02-27
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