Assessment and Diagnosis

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FASD Assessment and Diagnostic Clinics

Across the province of Alberta, there are a number of assessment and diagnostic clinics available for individuals who are seeking a FASD diagnosis. To learn more, contact the network coordinator in your FASD network region.

Assessment services include appropriate screening and assessments to guide planning. Assessment and diagnostic services may or may not lead to a confirmed diagnosis under the spectrum of FASD. Assessment includes medical, cognitive, behavioural screening, and referrals to professionals who provide diagnosis.

Diagnostic services include medical, cognitive and behavioural assessments by a multi-disciplinary team whose members will vary depending on the age and/or presentation of the individual being assessed. Diagnosis includes assessment services as well as a formal diagnosis on the FASD spectrum provided by a physician and multi-disciplinary team, or a multi-disciplinary diagnostic team.

An FASD diagnosis may sometimes not be immediately available when a child is too young to be diagnosed; when there is not enough information; and/or alcohol exposure in utero is unknown.

Created: 2013-04-01
Modified: 2013-05-16
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