Awareness and Prevention Council


The vision of the FASD Awareness and Prevention Council is to support and proactively address that alcohol use during pregnancy can lead to FASD, FASD can be prevented and that FASD prevention is a shared responsibility. Common messaging to address “Safest not to drink alcohol in pregnancy” through The Prevention Conversation: A Shared Responsibility.


  • Support the FASD Service Networks in the ongoing awareness and prevention of FASD through common messaging, education and training opportunities.
  • Utilize the first and second levels of the Four Part Model of Prevention (PHAC,2008), namely (1) broad awareness building and health promotion efforts, and (2) discussion of alcohol use and related risks of all women of childbearing years and their support networks through The Prevention Conversation: A Shared Responsibility.
  • Inform, share, and receive input though a development evaluation on the achievements of FASD awareness and prevention with stakeholders in Alberta about the FASD 10-Year Strategic Plan and the work being done through the FASD-CMC, partnering ministries and the FASD Service Networks.
  • The strategy includes the following key concepts: (1) women-centred; (2) harm reduction oriented, and; (3) collaboration with her, not blaming but walking with her.
Created: 2013-04-01
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