Healthy Pregnancies

All women want the best for their child; a healthy baby is something that every mother wishes for during their pregnancy. The days leading up to the birth of a child are the most crucial in their lifespan. The aim of the Alberta FASD-CMC Initiative is for all Albertans to have healthy pregnancies.

Alcohol consumption is also a common activity in our society. Unfortunately, alcohol use during pregnancy increases the risk of pregnancy complications and harm to the fetus. There is no known safe time or amount to drink during pregnancy.

NO exposure equals NO risk.

There is no cure for FASD after the fact, which is why preventing FASD at pregnancy is an essential part of the overall Alberta FASD 10-Year Strategic Plan.

Many partners of pregnant women don’t feel prepared for their baby’s birth, especially if it’s a first baby. You might worry about money, about becoming a parent, or what the future holds. The best solution is to get information and support.

For more information on a healthy pregnancy, please look at our questions and answers. You can also visit Alberta Health Services to get further information on Women and Substances.

Created: 2013-05-02
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