Lakeland FASD Network

Vision: We envision a region with no new FASD births and where currently affected individuals are well supported.
Mission: To establish and ensure that accurate information about FASD, and effective prevention, diagnosis and support services are available in the region.

Programs and Services Offered

Diagnosis and Assessment for Children and Adults

  • Coordination of mobile multi-disciplinary teams to provide accurate diagnosis and assessment to people of all ages that have been prenatally exposed to alcohol

Post Diagnostic Supports to Individuals and Families

  • Post Diagnostic Outreach - individuals with FASD, their families and support agencies can access outreach supports to assist with establishing effective strategies and programs.
  • Transition Planning - Assisting youth with FASD to build a plan to move to adulthood.
  • Employment Coordination - Matching stable adult clients with employment or volunteer work.

Prevention and Awareness Activities

  • Developing and delivering awareness campaigns and information.
  • Mothers to be Mentorship Program - Supporting women who are pregnant and having difficulties with alcohol/drugs to develop healthy lifestyles (PCAP Model program).
  • Floor Women’s Recovery Center: residential alcohol/drug addiction program for women who are pregnant, at risk of getting pregnant, and substance using.

Information & Referral

  • Available and up to date information on FASD and related key issues are kept at the regional office for distribution or lending.
  • A specific position has been created to provide FASD information and diagnostic referral support to the Métis Settlements in our area.

Education & Training

  • Training presentations and workshops have been developed to meet the needs of any audience.

Resource Development

  • Fill gaps in service with quality resources.

Lakeland Service Areas

25 small towns and hamlets which is inclusive of all the municipal districts and counties.
  • Smoky Lake, St. Paul, Bonnyville, Cold Lake, and Lac La Biche.
  • Métis Settlements: Kikino, Elizabeth Settlement, Fishing Lake, and Buffalo Lake.
  • First Nations Communities: Saddle Lake, Frog Lake, Kehewin, Cold Lake, Goodfish, Beaver Lake, and Heart Lake.
  • Military Base: 4 Wing Cold Lake

Contact Information

Lakeland Centre for FASD
Main Office
Box 479
Cold Lake, AB  T9M 1P1
Phone: 780‑594‑9905
Toll Free: 1‑877‑594‑5454
Fax: 780‑594‑9907

For more information, visit us online

Created: 2013-04-01
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