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New as of 2015! Hear the stories and perspectives of an advocate living with FASD, a biological mother, a student receiving support in school, a leading pediatrician and Alberta's Chief Addiction and Mental Health Officer.

Visit the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission YouTube channel to see the full list of these public service announcements about FASD. It’s part of an awareness partnership between the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission, a member of the Government of Alberta’s cross-ministry committee to address FASD, and CTV2. Use hashtag #abfasd to promote awareness.

Training and education for FASD is very important to help with identifying people affected by FASD and providing them with appropriate supports throughout their lifetime. The FASD-Cross Ministry Committee (FASD-CMC) is working to ensure service providers and families/caregivers have knowledge of and access to training and educational resources that are based on research and best practices.

The FASD-CMC is working on developing formal education, pre-service and in-service training programs, typically targeted at program/service providers (including health, medical, justice, education, researchers, and human services professionals) and/or community groups.Particular consideration is being made to ensure training and education services are culturally appropriate for Aboriginal and other populations. 

FASD Learning Series Videos

The FASD Learning Series has provided live video sessions since 2008 on a number of topics inclusive to FASD. More than 60 past videos are available for viewing to provide ongoing training to individuals with FASD, caregivers, and professionals who want to learn more about FASD.

Research and Evaluation

Part of Alberta's FASD 10-Year Strategic Plan is ongoing research and evaluation to ensure that Alberta is on the cutting edge of best practices. Key partners involved in research and evaluation are the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and Lethbridge College.


The FASD-CMC has published a number of documents that showcase the work that is being done in Alberta. If you have a publication that you think might add value to our site or would like to be listed on our external resources page, please email us today.

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Modified: 2015-02-09
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