The Prevention Conversation:
A Shared Responsibility

Alcohol and pregnancy don’t mix. Free training is available across Alberta for anyone interacting with women of childbearing age. Our messages:

  • The baby’s brain and nervous system develops throughout the entire pregnancy and drinking may lead to a lifelong diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD, or alcohol exposure in the womb).
  • If you drink alcohol and are sexually active, make sure you use effective contraception.
  • Friends, partners and family members can support a pregnant woman by asking how they can help her to make healthy choices and healthy babies.

This training is part of the Government of Alberta’s 10-Year FASD Plan and is being studied by the University of Alberta.

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What’s important to know: FASD is a lifelong diagnosis of brain damage caused by exposure to alcohol in the womb. There is no known safe amount of alcohol in pregnancy.

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Created: 2015-03-30
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