New Learning Session Video! Prevention of FASD: What do we know? Are we doing it?

That's right! The FASD Learning Series is back from the summer break with a new video! Follow the jump for more information.

Nancy Poole presented "Prevention of FASD: What do we know? Are we doing it?" on September 26. In her video, Nancy Poole presents recent evidence about what works to prevent FASD, the implications of the evidence for policy and practice, and explores how programs are incorporating the current findings and producing more evidence.

The next FASD Learning Session will showcase Kirsty Prasad on October 16, from 9-11 am. She will be presenting on the topic "Values and Addiction". All sessions are broadcast live from the main boardroom located on the 12th Floor of 9940 - 106 Street in Edmonton, Alberta.

Created: 2013-10-10
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