Activity: Exploring the FASD 12-Step Program Mismatch

The aim of this activity is to explore traditional substance use interventions using critical reflection questions.


Activity overview

(See slide 14) After describing a typical 12-Step program in detail, Nixon demonstrates 4 main incompatibilities with FASD.

A traditional 12-Step program requires a capacity for:

  • successful interpersonal relationships
  • reviewing actions and considering the impact on others
  • understand abstractions (for example: higher power, sobriety)
  • self-disclosure and accountability to a group

Activity instructions

Questions to ask yourself or a group include:

  • what are your thoughts on Nixon’s analysis?
  • can you explain these incompatibilities with real or imagined examples?
  • what other traditional interventions might benefit from this kind of scrutiny?
  • what suggestions does Nixon’s finding have for future advocacy and team planning?
Modified: 2015-09-09
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