Activity: A Comparative Study – Three Diverse Views of Neuroplasticity

The purpose of this activity is to debate the 3 different statements made by FASD professionals about neuroplasticity.


Activity overview

In this activity, you’ll have a chance to view and debate the seemingly contradictory statements about neuroplasticity made by the FASD Learning Series presenters in the videos above.

Activity instructions


  1. First, identify the perspective each person occupies.
    • How does their field impact their conviction?
    • Kolb suggests the prenatal alcohol effected brain (PAE brain) is not nearly as “plastic” as we would like to think
    • Krahn Schulties seems to be saying “sure it is!”
    • Rasmussen and Pei describe 2 types of traditional brain rehab:
      • restoring cognitive function (such as memory, reasoning and organization)
      • strategically compensating for what might never be regained
  2. Discuss whose convictions you resonate with, and why. What are your personal convictions about brain plasticity in FASD and the ability for learning and skill building?
Modified: 2015-09-09
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