Activity: Are we Trauma-Informed?

The aim of this activity is to evaluate the extent to which we as service providers and caregivers are trauma-informed.


  • video: ‘Trauma-Informed Care
  • copies of relevant video slide notes
    • find these in the production detail of the video linked above

Activity overview

In this activity, we’ll evaluate the extent to which we as service providers and caregivers are trauma-informed, individually and as families, agencies and teams.


(Slides 20, 21, 27) Trauma and FASD may seem unrelated until Nancy Poole weaves them together in what she calls “the links.”

Slide 20 shows links between trauma and substance use. Slide 21 shows how substance use, mental illness and violence against women tend to converge, with ‘trauma’ at its center.

Finally, Poole binds these research findings together with the prevention of FASD in slide 27.

Consider making slides 20, 21 and 27 a handout.

Activity instructions


Host a group discussion with the following questions and activities:

  1. To what extent is your prevention message ‘trauma-informed’?
  2. Evaluate the energy you put toward prevention (time, money, resources) in light of the risk groups described in slide 20.
  3. Given the 3 overlapping circles in slide 21, evaluate our current practices around:
    • interagency collaboration
    • information sharing
    • integrated case planning
  4. How might ‘compartmentalization’ and ‘territoriality’ be re-traumatizing for women seeking addiction, trauma, prenatal or mental health services? (slides 29 and 35).
Modified: 2015-09-09
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