Activity: Are we Trying Differently?

The purpose of this activity is to ask ourselves if our organizations are shifting from ‘trying harder’ to ‘trying something differently.’


Activity overview

This activity encourages you to gauge the extent to which your community or organization has made Diane Malbin’s paradigm shift from ‘trying harder’ to ‘trying something differently.’

Activity instructions


Share stories of how you and others you know used to ‘try harder’ in response to FASD struggles.

  • given all you know about FASD, what has been your experience of trying things differently?
  • what more is left to do?
  • in what ways are people still trying harder than they should or need to?
  • in what ways are people struggling to try something different?
  • how do we know that the methods we have accepted as ‘trying differently’ are effective in the long run?
Modified: 2015-09-09
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