Activity: Brain Recipes

The purpose of this activity is to make the brain regions and their functions easy to remember.


Activity overview

This activity focuses on making the brain regions and their functions more memorable:

  • 4 lobes
  • 2 hemispheres
  • 1 system
  • the cerebellum

An easy way to learn, review and remember the brain regions and their jobs is by making the trail mix recipe on slide 28 of ‘Building Brain Boxes’.

Brain box trail mix recipe

  • left frontal lobe – shreddies that “shred” things for analysis
  • right frontal lobe – smarties bring colourful ideas together
  • parietal lobe – twisting my body into a pretzel and feeling it
  • occipital lobe – peek-a-boo! I can see you through a cheerio!
  • temporal lobe – the bugle: a porthole to auditory processing
  • limbic system – raisins are sticky, sweet and loveable (and wrinkly)
  • cerebellum – life savers because the cerebellum responds like life and death

Activity instructions

  1. Knowing what you know about the brain regions, what other recipes could you create?
    • monster cookies?
    • soup?
    • stew?
    • pizza?
    • casserole?
  2. How could you cook or bake the systemic communication between regions?
  3. How would you cook or bake the chemistry and electricity of the brain?
Modified: 2015-09-09
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