Activity: Decisional Balance Chart

The purpose of this activity is to engage the ambiguity that often occurs in decision making.


Activity overview

Uncertainty in decision making happens when there are just as many benefits to change as there is to not changing.

This activity will help to recognize the positive and negative reasons for change, along with the positive and negative reasons for not changing.

The recognition of different options can create ambiguity when making decisions. The aim of this activity is to clarify that ambiguity by completing a decisional balance chart.

Activity instructions

  1. The person doing the exercise assigns a numerical value (1-10) to the reasons for changing and not changing.
    • these numbers suggest the drive to change
    • 1 indicates a low desire to change
    • 10 indicates a high desire to change
  2. Now the service provider is able to gauge not only the stage of change (pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action) but the level of determination the person currently holds in moving forward.
Modified: 2015-09-09
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