Activity: How do Brain Beliefs Shape Interventions?

The aim of this activity is to explore how analogies, beliefs and metaphors about the brain inform our conclusions about behaviour and interventions.


Activity instructions

Please discuss the following:

  • what are the beliefs behind some common brain analogies?
  • what are the interventions that naturally follow the guiding beliefs and metaphors?
  • what are the dangers of flawed conclusions?

Conclude the exercise with a positive, optimistic brain metaphor and see whether the assessment, conclusion, intervention and legacy changes.

For example:

  • analogy
    • “the FASD brain is a faulty computer”
  • assessment, conclusion and intervention
    • “it can (and should) be reprogrammed…
    • with detention, more homework, and loss of privileges”
  • Legacy
    • Impact on the individual with FASD
Modified: 2015-09-09
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