Activity: Identifying the PBS in a MILE

The purpose of this activity is to demonstrate your knowledge of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) principles.


Activity instructions

This activity will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) principles by linking the Math Interactive Learning (MILE) design with the key features of positive behaviour support.

As evidence-based methods of supporting FASD, consider using PBS criteria to evaluate the fittingness of other social, academic and behavioural interventions.

The first one has been done for you (see below).

Math Interactive Learning

  1. Hierarchical challenges (4)
  2. Interactive video game (_)
  3. Internal/external rewards (_)
  4. 90% accuracy to advance (_)
  5. No limits to retrying (_)
  6. Right and wrong sounds (_)

Key features of Positive Behaviour Support

  1. Providing positive reinforcement
  2. Playful, non-threatening and socially valid
  3. Clearly defined success criteria
  4. Strength-based incremental challenges
  5. Guiding, meaningful feedback
  6. Commitment to re-teaching
Modified: 2015-09-09
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