Activity: Motivational Interviewing is Trauma-Informed

The aim of this activity is to test your knowledge of Motivational Interviewing.


Activity instructions

Connect the Stage 1 Trauma-Informed Care techniques with the primary features of Motivational Interviewing.

Stage 1 Trauma-Informed Care

  1. Raise awareness of the impact of trauma (c)
  2. Establish therapeutic alliance (_)
  3. Promote safety (_)
  4. Address immediate needs (_)
  5. Validate experiences (_)
  6. Educate regarding trauma and stress (_)
  7. Enhance a person’s sense of control (_)
  8. Without judging, explore what they know (_)
  9. Learn benefits of Trauma Informed Care (_)
  10. Explore the benefits of changing use (_)

Motivational Interviewing

  1. Address pressing issues first
  2. Ask open-ended questions
  3. Offer reflective statements
  4. Use the Decisional Balance chart
  5. Affirm strengths and good decisions
  6. Respect autonomy and self-determination
  7. Evoke a sense of desire and motivation
  8. Elicit change talk
Modified: 2015-09-09
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