Activity: One Deficiency Expressed over a Lifetime

The purpose of this activity is to consider 5 behaviours roughly connected with the brain’s temporal lobe – from a lifespan point of view.


Activity instructions

In stages, consider the behavioural expression or evidence of the following deficiencies. Use slides 22-24 from the ‘Building Brain Boxes’ handout and video to guide you.

Temporal Jobs

Age 0-5

Age 5-12

Age 13-18

Age 18+

I don’t know where I am in space




Accident prone


I don’t know where I am in time


Labelled “noncompliant” at daycare




Routinely late for work


I don’t know where I am in relation to others






I don’t care about my body or hygiene




How do I take care of menstruation?!



I can’t understand how it’s okay in one place but not in another


Closing his pants in the hall outside the public restroom



Saying “no shit Sherlock” to a boring teacher

Modified: 2015-09-09
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