Activity: Reinforcement Inventories

The purpose of this activity is to maintain a current inventory of motivations.


Activity overview

It’s very important that the findings of a Reinforcement Inventory be used in non-aversive, socially and clinically valid ways.

Intermittent, unreliable or arbitrary reinforcement can be just as damaging as punishment or withholding reinforcement. In order to be considered positive behaviour support, reinforcement must be delivered on a schedule that acknowledges desirable behaviour twice as often as the unwanted behaviour.

Reinforcement is not dual-purpose. It is meant to praise, not punish. It’s important that people have access to meaningful, concrete rewards.

The failure to follow a schedule of reinforcement may produce a side effect called ‘satiation.’ Satiation is the result of ‘too much of a good thing.’ In order to maintain the effectiveness of a reinforcement in a particular venue (such as school), a temporary agreement may be required in another venue (at home for example).

Activity instructions

See the worksheet for a simple and comprehensive inventory sheet, and an inventory summary.

Modified: 2015-09-09
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