Activity: Transforming Negative into Positive

The purpose of this activity is to get rid of negative statements in interviewing techniques.


Activity instructions

In order to be truly rid of damaging practices, it’s important to explore the belief behind the negativity. What might the impact of the statement be? What’s the belief or assumption behind the statement?

Part 1 – Evaluate assumptions

Evaluate the belief or assumption behind these statements. Which ones are positive and which ones are negative? Why?

  • if you stop drinking, you’ll have a better chance of having a healthy baby
  • no one harms their baby on purpose
  • you will feel healthier without alcohol and so will your baby
  • if you really loved your baby, you wouldn’t drink so much
  • your concern for your baby will help you be a good mother
  • your drinking has already damaged your baby
  • continued drinking will prevent your child from developing normally

Part 2 – Create positive statements

Have the group develop a list of positive statements they could use with a woman who is drinking while pregnant.

Modified: 2015-09-09
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