Activity: Your Part in Someone Else’s Thought Process

The purpose of this activity is to recognize the thought process that may precede a verbal or behaviour expression.


Activity instructions

Using the CLEAR acronym on slide 3, role play the scenarios provided below or come up with your own.

Introduce a support person to respond to every stage:

  • perception of the challenge
  • private logic
  • emotion and memory
  • behavioural expression

Even if you are not doing anything outwardly, what are you thinking? How are you feeling? What would you like to do?

Challenge The preferred jacket is in the laundry. Four-year-old Abigail has to wear the old, scratchy, orange hand-me-down one to daycare.
Challenge Sixteen-year-old Meka discovers that the girls she hangs out with have been planning a sleep-over. So far, she hasn’t been invited.
Challenge Fifteen year-old Giovanni wants a new cell phone. He has enough for the purchase but not enough for the monthly minutes. His mom says no.
Challenge In order to get his income supplement, Ben must bring the rent receipt to his support worker. Trouble is, the landlord won’t be back until 4pm and Ben would prefer to drop it in the mail and head to the lake.
Modified: 2015-09-09
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